JBS Vol.4 No.2 (Microhistory Issue)

JBS Vol.4 No.2 (Microhistory Issue)

After the proud publications of our issues on Ognijug (Vol. 1, No.1), Bengali Cinema (Vol.1, No.2), Bengali Theatre (Vol.2, No.1), Science and Technology in History: Modern Bengali Perspectives (Vol.2, No.2), Literature and Movements: Bengali Crossroads (Vol.3, No.1) Kolkata (Vol.3, No.2), Bengali Music: Bengalis and Music (Vol.4, No.1), Journal of Bengali Studies is happy to announce the online publication of its Winter Issue 2015 on the theme of Microhistory: Bengali Perspectives on the occasion of the Day of Storming Headquarters, 8 December 2015.

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Journal of Bengali Studies (ISSN: 2277-9426)
Vol. 4, No. 2
8 December 2015
Day of Storming Headquarters
21 Ogrohayon 1422
Winter Issue

Microhistory: Bengali Perspectives

Editor: Tamal Dasgupta
Front Cover


Editorial 7

Towards a Microhistoriography of Bengali People: Excavating the Ruins of Remembrance and Forgetting
Tamal Dasgupta 9

Localizing Texts and Textualizing Locations: A Survey of the Historical Geography of Nabadwip
Somnath Sarkar 17

Evolution of Folk Songs of Twentieth Century Bengal
Sayantan Thakur 21

Patni System and Subinfeudation Rights in Bankura
Arundhuti Sen 26

Situating Ramaprasad Chanda
Rahul Kumar Mohanta 38

Changing Role of Women in Vaishnavite Cult of 17th Century Bengal
Laboni Sarkar 47

Mythology and Folklore of Water Resources in Bengal
Sourav Maity 52

The Bengali Othello in Pre-Independence Newspapers: The Question of Race and Hybridity
Abhishek Chowdhury 60

Vaidyas of Bengal
Raibatak Sen Gupta 74

A Review of Jyotirmoy Roy's History of Manipur
Sanjay S. Ningombam 110


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