JBS Current Issue Vol.5 No.1 (Foreign Encounters)

JBS Current Issue (Vol.5 No.1)

After the proud publications of our issues on Ognijug (Vol. 1, No.1), Bengali Cinema (Vol.1, No.2), Bengali Theatre (Vol.2, No.1), Science and Technology in History: Modern Bengali Perspectives (Vol.2, No.2), Literature and Movements: Bengali Crossroads (Vol.3, No.1) Kolkata (Vol.3, No.2), Bengali Music: Bengalis and Music (Vol.4, No.1), Microhistory: Bengali Perspectives (Vol.4, No.2), Journal of Bengali Studies is happy to announce the online publication of its Summer Issue 2016 (Vol.5, No.1) on the theme of Foreign Encounters: Bengal and Abroad on the occasion of Buddhapurnima 21 May 2016.
You can read the issue by clicking on the cover

Journal of Bengali Studies Vol.5 No.1 (Foreign Encounters)

Journal of Bengali Studies Vol.5 No.1 (Foreign Encounters)

Cover Image: Portrait of Atisha Dipankara from Tibetan Kadamapa Monastery, eleventh century. This tangka is one of the two earliest known Tibetan portraits which have been found till date.

ISSN: 2277-9426
Journal of Bengali Studies
Vol. 5, No. 1
21 May 2016
7 Joishtho 1423
Summer Issue

Foreign Encounters: Bengal and Abroad

Editor: Dr Tamal Dasgupta


Trans(n/l)ation: The Nation in Translation in the Soviet Books in Bengali for Children and Adolescents
Tamal Dasgupta

Captain Suresh Biswas: Myth and Reality
María Helena Barrera-Agarwal

Atῑśa Dῑpaήkara Śrῑjῆāna – The Erudite Monk-Scholar of Bengal
Manikuntala Haldar De

Sister Nivedita in Bengal: The Irish Bengali Encounter
Mousumi Bandyopadhyay
Bengali Identity in Seventeenth Century Arakan: Language, Identity and Emotion
Tanima Dey

Rash Behari Bose: The Father of the Indian Independence Movement in East Asia

Tapoban Bhattacharyya

East West Dialectics, 'Indian Renaissance' and Swami Vivekananda
Partha Sarathi Nandi

Vivekananda and the Spirit of Internationalism
Anuja Gupta Bandyopadhyay

Othello in Nineteenth Century Bengal: A Case of Conflicted Indigenization
Abhishek Chowdhury

Shakespeare Studies in Bengal: Bengal Renaissance and After
Arindam Mukherjee

French Educationists in Colonial Chandernagore: A Tale of a College
Antara Mukherjee

The Effect of Colonial Encounter on Medical Organization and Practice in Bengal
Avijit Singha

Sir William Jones and Max Muller: The Kalpataru of Scholarship
Somnath Sarkar

Into the Exotic, around the World: Our First Globetrotters Ramnath Biswas and Bimal Mukherjee
Mousumi Biswas Dasgupta

"West Never Liked Russia, Never in the History, Be it Tsarist Russia, or Soviet Russia.": Arun Som in Dialogues with Tamal Dasgupta

My Great Great Aunt Who Died: A Story
Amit Shankar Saha

Friday Island Othoba Noromangsho Bhokkhon O Tahar Por: A Bengali Novel in Search of Arthetypal Narratives
Champak Dyuti Majumder

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