Journal of Bengal Studies is guided by the hypothetical principle that a resourceful Bengali identity is an indispensable precondition for a strong India.

When we started our journal in 2012, our preliminary endeavour was to pioneer and found an academic discipline of Bengali Studies, which to the best of our knowledge did not yet exist. As the term suggests, Bengali Studies as an interdisciplinary subject initiates a discussion on the overall history and culture of the Bengali people whose late twentieth century decline can be located into the context of a loss of sense of community/identity in an atmosphere dominated largely by various offshoots of Western liberalism and Marxist doctrines.We have aimed to initiate critically advanced and up-to-date discourses on Bengali identity and culture, which will be useful in the studies of community, identity and nationality elsewhere and cultural studies in general. We believe that tradition and culture need to be closely studied not just for archaeological reasons and archival purposes, but also for the formation of critically informed perspectives on the past and the present of the Bengali people.

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