JBS Vol.3 No.2 (Kolkata Issue)

JBS Vol.3 No.2 (Kolkata Issue)

After the proud publications of our issues on Ognijug (Vol. 1, No.1),Bengali Cinema (Vol.1, No.2), Bengali Theatre (Vol.2, No.1), Science and Technology in History: Modern Bengali Perspectives (Vol.2, No.2), Literature and Movements: Bengali Crossroads (Vol.3, No.1), Journal of Bengali Studies is happy to announce the online publication of our Autumn Issue 2014 (Vol.3, No.2), on the theme of Kolkata on the occasion of Jogoddhatri Pujo, 1 November 2014. The issue can be read and downloaded here

ISSN: 2277-9426

Journal of Bengali Studies Vol. 3, No. 2, 1 November 2014, Jogoddhatri Pujo, 14 Kartik 1421, Autumn Issue, Theme: Kolkata

Editor: Tamal Dasgupta




CoordiNation and Deferral of Bengali Nation-Consciousness: Ishwarchandra Gupta in Nineteenth Century Kolkata          Tamal Dasgupta 16

Kolkata Corporation and Subhas Chandra Bose: Death of a Dream        Chandrachur Ghose 84

Echoes from the Past: Revisiting 'Old Kolkata' in GorosthaneSabdhan         Kallol Gangopadhyay 126

A Lesson in Living Life: The Portrayal of Kolkata in Satyajit Ray's Short Stories           Zenith Roy 147

Demographic and Behavioral Profile of Street Children in Kolkata                              Atanu Ghosh 164

Cottage and Small Scale Industries in the Slums of Kolkata: Growth and Constraints in Twentieth Century                        Subrata Nandi 176

Kolkata's Intellectual Response to Shakespeare: Academia, Stage and Little Magazines                                            Arindam Mukherjee 191

Tracing the Historical Roots of Kolkata's North-South Divide                  Madhusree Chattopadhyay 229


Scanning Kolkata Stage through the Eyes of Five Doyens: A Review of Bratya Basu's Book of Interviews         Sourav Gupta 247


Love and Kolkata: Six Poems                                                        Tamal Dasgupta 251


Sister Nivedita in Kolkata: A Nation Awakens              Mousumi Bandyopadhyay 267

Living Heritage: Boats of Kolkata                                      Swarup Bhattacharyya 278

Traditional Sanskrit Learning in Kolkata                                     Somnath Sarkar 298



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